Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mint Demo

We had Mint come in today to show of the new features and give us a run down on up and coming Mint enhancements. The support for Nokia Mobil’s will increased dramatically in November – we will publish a full list as soon as we get one – make Mint even more compatible.
The one thing that stuck me was how helpful the Mint set-up is. They will help you set-up everything to get you up and running. They give you all the training you will need and even set-up for e-merchant account for you – this is a great help as anyone who ever had to do this can testify.
Mini Mint has received some updates as well with the main one being the ability to enter customer information for transaction over 1000 dollars.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

IPhone ereader

I have been looking for a good mobile reader for the IPhone. ereader seems to be doing a good job and there is heaps of books to buy. The interface is easy to use but a bit clumkey - the way you scrole thru pages could be done better. I don't like how it moves whole pages rather then allowing you just to scroll down. Other then this small issue I will be using until i can find something better.

3cx VoIP

I have been playing around with VoIP systems for the last few weeks and I have deployed the 3CX ( software at couple of call centers. If you want any easy but powerfull VoIP solution and don't want to have to play with linux this is the one for you. I will be using the free ed at home so that i can have a few VoIP providers - this will allow me to set-up the cheapest for mobile call and a diffrent provider for overseas call etc.

Have a look at it.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Kangarilla Road 2006 Primitivo

Just cracked open, with great aticpation, a bottle of the 2006 primitivo. We loved the 2005 Zinf, same grape just a diferent name, but what a difernce one year makes. It's not a bad wine. It's just not the same WOW. The 2005 was the find of the year for us and now the 2006 won't even make the list. I will hunt down the 2005 to put in the cellar with hope that the 2007 will be as good as the 2005

Thursday, October 16, 2008

iPhone first 2 weeks

I now have played with iphone for 2 weeks and I can't be happier. Sure battary life sucks but then again I have bluetooth,wireless running 24/7.

The apps are great, the interface carps over all other phones. I have never used a phone for more then making call and a few SMS before as it always was a pain but not now.

Buy one

Monday, October 13, 2008

Test blog from iPhone

Just to test how ezy it is